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Ideas to Reality: A Step-by-Step Process!

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Have you ever felt like you have too many ideas? While having constructive ideas offers us access to possible entrepreneurial concepts. However, having too many ideas can prevent us from transforming that idea into reality.

Yes, we all have dozens of ideas when we prepare to go to bed, while cleaning the house, exercising, or taking a shower. "You must be certain of what you desire the most, therefore what is your core "Why"? What is it that you are striving for that will inspire you when you get up and be consistent? What will light up your eyes and make you give it all.

"Everything starts with a thought," - Earl Nightingale

But what do we do about these thoughts?

Naturally, some of these might work out just fine. But how can you distinguish between them? The concepts worth thinking about to advance call for creation and concentration to make them into something actual and palpable. "Everyone would do it if it were simple."

Let's discuss the best way to approach this.

1. Recognise the IDEA

Choose the ideas that are worth pursuing and have a good scope from the long list based on their originality, feasibility, investment, resources, execution, and timeline. Add filters to the variables you plan to analyse. However, finalise at least 2-3 ideas that are on the higher side of your rating system. I am sure, you know, the kind that solves a problem that exists in the world, or that you think will fill a need that is currently going unmet - that’s the one.

2. Answer the What, Why, Who and How!

When you have an idea, it is important to break it down to the key questions and answer them.

Here are a list of questions you must find answers to when it comes to your idea:

  1. What is your product or service and can you define or explain it to a third party in simple words.

  2. Who is your exact target audience and who will benefit from it?

  3. How is your idea going to solve their concerns or add value to their lives?

  4. What metrics will measure the success of this product/service?

This activity will help you gain more clarity and ease your communication when it comes to your own idea. Secondly, it will also boost your confidence towards the idea and whether or not you are driven to take it to the next level.

3. Analyse and Research the Market

You should never undervalue market research. Because their owners regularly perform market research to comprehend their target market, uncover consumer concerns, and discover realistic competitors, many startups and successful firms enjoy longevity.

By assessing your business opportunities, you can keep a competitive edge. With market analysis, you also learn vital details about your industry and competitive environment. In the process of creating your goods and services, putting them on the market, and promoting them to customers, market research can be quite helpful.

4. Get Opinions

Inform those who will be impacted by your concept. Do they find the proposal to be rational, feasible, and worthwhile? Do they have any recommendations for advancement? Talk about it with

Remember this, "You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere." - Lee Iacocca

5. Be Persistent and Consistent.

However, life might interfere with our plans with alluring offers that give us more immediate gratification. It is crucial that you have enough faith in the process to resist the temptations of rapid fulfilment on a regular basis.

Despite these typical obstacles, new ideas are generated daily, and you can make them come to life with a straightforward technique that gets them out of the notebook and has an impact on the world. All you have to do is remain persistent in your pursuit and exude confidence.

6. Make a Strategy for Execution and Take Action.

Don't wait for anything; begin putting your strategy into action and taking small steps so that it doesn't become overwhelming for you. Make a sensible schedule. Allot specific time slots to work on it along with the other activities you do, involve and partner up with the right kind of resources to brainstorm and keep moving. There will be challenging days and that’s the last step towards turning your ideas into reality.

7. Don’t give up

"Nearly every man who develops an idea works it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then he gets discouraged. That's not the place to become discouraged." - Thomas Edison

It's inevitable you'll hit setbacks. Thomas Edison had over 10,000 failures before he successfully created the light bulb. So above all, don't give up!

Got an idea?

Don’t let it stay in your mind!

Put it out into the universe and work on it. The secret ingredient is to visualise it every single day regardless of the circumstances. So, let’s create a winning idea together and make it happen.

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