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True Story #1

I genuinely wanted my first "real" post to be something insightful. But 'not today'!

Would you agree, that we tend to put our memories into compartments? For example, if a student tops their exam, it becomes a "happy" memory and he/she will put it into a "happy" compartment in his brain. If someone, loses their pet, that automatically becomes a "sad" memory and then it goes into the "sad" memory compartment.

It's the same for me. Except in some situations.

When I try to recall a memory of such a situation, the only emotion that I come up with is that only Kayne West can relate to.

So, I remember such memories with a "True Story" tag! The one that I am going to post today, is the most recent one.

So, here we go!

On 26th January, this year, I decided to take my son to a skin specialist. He was getting some infection around his lips which was causing redness and irritation. Even though it was a holiday, I decided to call up the doctor's clinic and check the doctor's availability. Luckily, the doctor said that I can visit him in the evening.

So inside the doctor's clinic, the doctor inspects the infection and prescribes some skin ointment. And done - within 5 minutes!

The doctor is looking at me, expecting me to get up and leave! But I am just sitting there - thinking to myself: "I came all the way here, on a national holiday, to pay him the fees for just 5 minutes of consultation?!". Then I tell myself, "If I tell him about my skin problems and can get a resolution for it, then I can make the most out of my time and money." (Ok! I am cheap! I get it.)

So, I start my conversation with him, I tell him that I would like to get a consultation too for my skin and hair issues. He agrees. I start off by telling him about the breakouts on my face. He hears me out patiently, then prescribes a skin gel for me. He tells me when and how to apply the gel.

I take the prescription from him and feel a sense of accomplishment! How smart and efficient I was today! Like Wow!!

I ask him for the fees, and he quotes me the amount for BOTH OF US!!!

(At this moment, I want you to scroll up and take a good look at Kayne West's gif. Yup! That's me, right there at that moment!)

Any who, moving on, I pay the consultation fees, take the prescriptions, go to the chemist, buy the medicines, come home and start using the skin gel that the doctor prescribed for me.

If you think, that's how this story ends, then you are mistaken! This is where the story starts.

So fast forward 3 days into the usage of the skin gel, I wake up in the middle of the night because of what felt like somebody-threw-hot-water-on-my-face feeling. I get out of the bed, switch on the lights, and start examining my face. I see red spots here and there. It is peeling off in some places. The doctor did tell me about the peeling-off part. So I was fine with that but I was not prepared for the "my face is on fire" part!

At that moment, I decide to do what anyone else in my place would do! A Google search!

But wait, I don't even know the name of the gel, yet! So I quickly go and grab the tube and look at the name! This is what it said.

OK! What's in a name anyway?! So on my phone, on Google, I search "Tit Gel".

Nothing relevant to my problem comes up!

I am running out of patience and I need answers, quickly!

I switch to YouTube. I search for "Tit Gel".

What happens next is something I cannot put into words but I will try anyway.

The search result page looked something like this.

I start seeing the images of all kinds of boobs! I was not even aware that there were so many images of boobs on YouTube!!

I mindlessly start watching one of the videos on breast implants, hoping to get some answer! A few seconds into the video, I realize that I am wasting my time. So I go back to the search result. But I did gain some knowledge about silicon implants, to be honest.

That's when I come to a conclusion - "I have been putting a TIT gel on my face all this while!"

By now, I am scrolling more frantically looking for answers. I am almost on the verge of panicking because all I can see are images of breasts and videos related to it, all educational videos, mind you!

I try a different search query: "Tit Gel Review!" Some more shocking videos show up and I am coming close to accepting the fact: I was putting a TIT gel on my face!

My overthinking brain kicks in at supersonic speed. I am asking myself:

Does it mean my face is going to "swell" up now?

Is this really happening to me?

My face is getting "larger"!

I put the TIT gel on my face!

Oh my god!

What did you do, you stupid cow?!


Finally, some sense prevails! I turn the tube over, looking for more information. That's when I read the "Composition" section. That's when yet another "Kayne West" moment happens to me.

Well, long story short, I finally got my answers when I searched for "Tretinoin" which was under the "Composition". And NO, my face is not getting "larger". I am just getting chubby, I think!

I will put a post soon, to tell you about the effects of "Tretinoin", but NOT TODAY!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave your feedback and subscribe to my blog if you'd like me to notify you whenever I publish a post!

Thank you for reading. :) Signing off.

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