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"Time is precious."

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Do you remember the blackboard from our school days, where students got a chance to write a new "quote" every morning and draw some colourful floral designs using red, white, green, and blue chalk, for the whole school to read?

Yeah, I was pretty shitty when it came to that task. I never got the alignment right; I don't think I can ever write in a straight line. I ALWAYS messed up it up big time.

But that's not the point. I am trying to say that some quotes have been drilled into our brains since childhood. However, after finishing school and entering the real world, I realised how powerful and apt these quotes are.

Like everything else, each person will have a different perspective on any sentence or communication. For example, a simple yet widely used and powerful quote, "Work is worship", will have many interpretations according to a person's understanding and perspective.

For me, over the last few years, one quote that I happen to eat, drink, sleep, and breathe on is "Time is precious."

Rather than a quote, it's more of a statement, an announcement of a sort telling you to "Don't f$%k with time because there are consequences."

"What consequences?! Nobody told me about the consequences during high school."

"Time will tell."

"Wait, time can talk?"

"Yes, it talks, alright, with its hands!"

"With its hands?! Wow! "

"But time and tide wait for no one. So you better hurry!"

"What was I supposed to do, again?, SURFING?!"

But seriously, over the years, I've become extremely conscious about where and with whom I spend my time. So I will be bold and say that now, I value my time more than I value my money.

It is not for me if I do not see any particular activity or person adding value to my physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, or intellectual quotient. I am not doing it, simple as that.

I think I am in a lot better place now because I always try to justify the outcome of any activity with the amount of time I am going to invest in that activity. The aim is to bring more efficiency.

So if I had an option, I'd save time by spending a certain amount of money to get it done rather than doing it myself. So basically, I am saying, "I'm not doing the dishes! "

I will focus my "saved" time on other and more important activities, like checking my Instagram feed. (Just joking, or am I?!)

Ok, I am so over Instagram.

The same goes for people; I do not invest my time in temporary people or people with whom I do not feel peace. I firmly believe that my energy and soul are so pure that I must consciously choose with whom I share it. Only the privileged ones get access to it.

But when it comes to people, kindness and compassion precede everything else, even time! So, irrespective of the time or money involved, I will always value the person. Period.

I believe the magic starts happening when you start "investing" your time in yourself, in the right people, and in the right activities rather than "spending" it.

The shift in the mindset from "investing" to "spending" is the key to taking your life to another level.

Once you become more aware of where and with whom you are "investing" your time, you will start to get your returns in the form of joy, happiness, memories, and abundance!

So that's why,

Anything that doesn't feel right?

Not for me!

Anything that is too time taking without any substantial value?

Not for me!

Anything that doesn't bring me joy and happiness?

Not for me!

Anything that takes away my peace of mind?

Not for me! (It's alright to be a quitter, it is all about the perspective anyway.)

But you must always remember that although you can be aware of your time, you cannot control the outcome. That's why "Timing is everything!".

I think "Timing is everything" calls for another blog post.

And hey, you just invested 4 minutes of your time reading my blog, so it looks like you know it already :)

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

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